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Looking for replacement (rear) part for 64-plate Kuga


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Hello.  I have a 64-reg black Kuga, but recently noticed there's a piece missing (seeing attached pictures).  Either stolen (unlikely) or fallen off.

Anyone know where and how I can get a replacement part?  I've tweeted SMC Ford, but yet to hear back from them?

Also, can anyone tell me the name of that particular part (assuming it has one)?  I'm thinking of phoning around a couple of scrap dealers to see if they have spares, but naturally I don't want to full rear bumper.


Kuga 1.jpg

Kuga 2.jpg

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you say its unlikely to be stolen, but actually its not.

The amount of times I have seen tow eye covers, or parking sensors stolen from Ford's around the area, its crazy. They are "expensive" parts to the lower lifeforms, and rather than go buy it, they know they can whip it off your car and attach it to theirs, and no ones the wiser. Unfortunately though, I have a keen eye around our area, and I watch out for cars of similar age and colour, and have seen a particular motor that had alsorts of parts missing, then over the course of a week, their parts where replenished, and other parts on other cars had gone walkies....


Strange really...

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