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Ford Focus MK3 (61 Plate) Build


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Hello All!

I've just started the build on my newish focus MK3 on a 61 Plate. I'll do a list in this topic and keep updating it continously.

Front DRL Lights

Bought from eBay. Good Quality Lights. Easy to Install. Comes on with Ignition and Turns off 180 seconds after removal of key.

LED Dipped Beam / High Beam / Side Lights


LED Side Lights look really good at night, quite bright and also the DRL lights are really good at night although, a little too bright so I will have to tap onto headlight wiring to make it dim by 50%.

Cruise Control & ASL

Originally I was going to buy a switch from a local ford garage but they wanted to charge me £55+VAT for the switch and £13+VAT (each) for two wiring looms, I then searched eBay and was lucky enough to find a complete steering wheel with "Cruise Control / ASL". I tried to change the steering wheel myself but had problems with the air bag so I decided to take it to my local mechanic and they swapped it for me.

The ELMConfig part was quite easy on the laptop. Had to Write to BCM and IPC and initialize ECU on ABS. In the end, all is working now! I'm really proud of this first project and many more to come.


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