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Ticking/train noise when cold - goes away after a few miles


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ok been searching for this for weeks - with no joy, so time to post a question here....

Focus Mk2.5 - 2009 TCDI 1.6 

Bought this car mid Jan 2016 - so ive only ever really had it in cold months, if thats anyhting to do with it. Now and again, probably 50% of the time, when i start the car there is this ticking noise. You can hear it in the cab.. its not massivly loud, but enough to hear (and i hate noises so it winds me up) if you wind down the windows, you can hear it outside too. 

Its like a tick, tick, tick tick..... it speeds up as you put your foot on the accelerator, and also I was moving using just the clutch this morning, and you can hear it speed up when moving there too. 

You can notice it for the first say, 5/6/7/8 miles... and when you reach your destination (obviously dependent how far it is away) it seems to have gone, as if the engine heating up has got rid?


Advice please if anyone has any? FYI it went in the garage a couple weeks back under warranty, where i asked them to check for this noise... which they said they couldn't hear it (typical) but did a diagnostic and updated some firmware or whatever.... so there are no errors showing



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On 4/22/2016 at 11:47 PM, artscot79 said:

its a diesel they tick simply due to the fact they take longer to heat up therefore the oil takes a bit longer to warm up it could be something else but ticking in the cold is something most cars do

so you think its normal then? (firs time diesel owner) or something more serious at the above?!

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