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Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 2008 Broken Hose?


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Afternoon all sorry if this may have been answered some place else but I have no Idea what the hoses are for/called so have attached a photo. 

Over the last few weeks I started smelling some fumes in the car, took it to quick fit as they were round the corner from my office and they said it was the DPF which I thought was BS. The same day all smells stopped so thought nothing of it, till yesterday when I felt the engine loose performance and judder a bit. 

Had a look under the bonnet today, see attached photo of hose that's corroded and snapped, not sure what it is but any pointers would be great. Also with regards to a DPF is it best to buy a new one or get someone to regen?

Any help would be much appreciated also is the hose something that could be replaced without a visit to a garage as looks like the connectors just screw on?






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Looks like the dpf pressure sensor hoses to me. They carry pressure from dpf to the sensor by battery to intemperate when it needs a regeneration. You need these replaced as they will be useless and brittle but it's a dead easy repair.

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cheers dude will have a proper look at this under the vehicle over the weekend, out of curiosity could I use a braided hose on this with hose finishers/clips?

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