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Rear Bumper Clips


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Hi All,

First time poster, i've tried looking for something similar but cant seem to find any posts so here goes!

We've had a 62 Plate Ford Focus for 6 weeks now, and already there has been three problems. The first was the alarm going off and the "Bonnet Open" message which turned out to be a faulty bonnet latch this was fixed. Now, the washer jets have packed in and it's booked into the garage on Friday (29th) to be fixed, hopefully under its warranty.

However - the main reason for this post; my other half has just reversed into a wall. Idiot, i know. But it's done. We've had the bumper popped back on by a friend but he has advised that several of the clips have been snapped and we should look at replacing it. There is no damage whatsoever to the bumper other than a skuff on the black under-skirt type thing which will probably brush off.

What are the options? I can speak to Ford to have it fixed on Friday along with the jets, but i dont want them to replace it for the sake of making money. Will it need a new bumper despite it not being cracked, or can the clips just be replaced.

Most importantly, is anyone able to advise on how much (roughly) this is likely to cost?

Many Thanks,

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