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Ford Focus 1.4 ZETEC - possibly ECU problem?


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I've a problem with a Ford Focus MK2 and looking for advice as I don't want to run into mad costs, here's a quick introduction on what happened:
  • battery went flat - as radio and lights were turn on for too long without engine turned on.
  • Car was jump started - it gained power back again, however it won't start.
  • On ignition the lights on dashboard light up and it says 'Engine systems fault' and there's no error codes on OBD reader. Immobilizer is also rapidly flashing in red, then it starts giving a PATS code.

Just as a note on ignition something in the engine makes noise - but it doesn't sound like any mechanical component.

Could that be possible that instrument cluster forgot the keys?

Are there any next steps I can take to solve the problem myself or with help of electrician?

Looking forward hearing from you.

Thank you!

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shouldn't have lost the codes the problem is it could be a few things and only the fault codes will help pats flashing suggests a key issue or fault in the immobiliser system but at the same time a cluster fault will give a pats key and fault if you plug a code reader in you'll be able to clear the code and the car will start

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I guess this has been fixed by now, but Engine systems fault suggests CAN bus problems to me. This can cause all sorts of odd error messages and codes, as all the major modules communicate over it.

A deeper diagnostic scan than the standard OBD is advised. ForScan with an ELM adapter (free s/w download, and form about £10 for the ELM) is an excellent tool. This may show up CAN bus related errors.

I had a problem where Immobiliser came on. It was a bad solder joint on the connector to the Instrument Cluster.

I have uploaded a pdf about this on thread:

Focus problem

Started by Pazza67


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