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Manual Clutch/Shifting problem


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My '95 Escort Wagon, w/manual 5-speed, has been giving me shifting problems.  Had the car for 2 yrs. Runs great.  Recently, the clutch pedal has gradually (two days period) gone to the floor with little clutch action, making it difficult to shift.  Only seems to do this after the car is warm.

Not seeing any leaks in the hydraulics, I was really at a loss on the problem.  The master clutch cyl. was replaced by the previous owner at 85k miles.  Currenly there are 105k miles.  Thinking the replacement part could have been a cheap replacement item, I replaced both the master and slave cylinders  to rule out both as problems.

The issue went away and the shifting has been fine for over a week,   but now it is back this morning.  By the time I got to work, (7 miles) the shifting was so bad, I couldn't get out of reverse when parking....just turned off the engine to stop the car.


Has anyone experienced this before?  Could it be the clutch components.





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Hi I had this problem on my escort 1995 1.8 turbo equipe (very last one might I ad) just recently I replaced entire clutch system on my Inc fly wheel housing ect And was sweet as a nut till last week started to do it again took but mine ended up only with two gears working if you put into first went into reverse and put into revers thinking it might go into first just went into neutral turned out my gearbox was ah fecked shall we say all the rods inside were twisted and could not be fixed so had to replace whole gear box took out my new clutch to put in cuz I'm not buying another clutch cost me £139.27 not saying this has happened to your escort but best check it before wreck it good luck 

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