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Cheap focus alloys


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I saw these on a popular deal site hope they could be use to someone on here.


Spread the word a genuine set of ford alloys for only £99.99


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2 minutes ago, RAIDER32 said:

No it does say x4 Alloys/Caps/Valves and x16 Wheel Nuts,

Only for Mk1 Models though (1998-2005)

Oops my mistake, didn't think they would sell a full set of 4 for that cheap.

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on the same subject - ive got a mk 2.5 and the allows are gash... then again im near 30, have a kid and mortgage i dont wanna be paying £500 for a net set!! 

Ive googled a few places and seem some generic ones for £300 ish quid. anyone got any other good deals for 5 stud?  

also - any one who has changed their wheels before, how easier is it to go bigger? my concern is that if i get the 15" liek thats on the car now, they are gonna look equally a crap as its all sqashed in.

bigger alloys + low profile tyres? + can a garage (any anyone else!) re-calibrate the speedo to reflect wheel size change?



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