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Ford Smell


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You can never quite get the exact smell back, because it is mostly from the fabric and plastics, probably slightly toxic, lol.

I have had california scents before as I prefer having a "set and forget" air freshener, but might give this a go as I've got nothing in the ST while the new car smell was still going, pretty much worn off now though :(

I need to find somewhere to put it and hope it doesn't leak....can't cope with things like this on show, haha.

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lol Well ive had a number of both Rovers and Fords, Fords had their advantages, but they sure as hell had the rust..


Seriously though, I find British cars just smell better, whether its the parts sources I dont know, but even an MG ZT I had, which was quite German in its parts and design, still had the smell. Its less chemically, and more leathery. Gliptone products really bring that feel.

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I've clearly never had that british smell any car I've fixed smells of McDonalds cigarettes (I smoke so its bad) mould and must damp or just stink the Kia has a leather smell to it which is quite nice from the steering wheel and leather trim

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