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Puff of smoke on startup.


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Just thought I would see what the collective think.

My car smokes a fair bit under acceleration. It also gives out a puff on startup.

Blues grey smoke.

Turbo has been replaced, egr replaced and now blanked off. New inter cooler hose.

When I first got it it did not produce any smoke at all from the exhaust. The tip was clean but I fear the garage gutted the dpf when it went on for glow plugs as he was talking about removing the dpf for me and taking it back for the remap which needed to be a weekday.

The exhaust tip is sorted up a lot now, and when it does a dpf Regen I get clouds of smoke as I am coming off the gas, again bluey grey smoke.

Car never seems to use any oil and it is probably more grey than blue smoke.

So yeah any ideas guys? I am kind of thinking maybe a dribbling injector hence the smoke at startup.


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I used to have a citroen c4 hdi that did that, knownit different make, car ran fine but greyish smoke on startup n on overrun.. mine turned out to be overfueling itself followin a remap.. not sayin urs would be same.. blue smoke tho does indicate oil burning but ur not using any as u say.. 

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