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Is this possible? Can fog lights be fitted to a 61 Edge?

Dale Smith

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Just bought a 61 plate Focus Edge, these come without fog lights. Seen plenty of fog lights and bezels on e bay. Is it possible to retro fit a set, will they work? Any help and advice will be much appreciated. A mk3 Focus without fogs looks naked!

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Hello iantt. 

Looked about on the Internet and got a mixed bag of possibilities that left me brain dead. 1st thing, do you know if the fog light loom will be in place? 2nd thing, I've heard that the ecu will need to be tapped into to turn the fog light circuit on. I would like to have the conversion done using the correct Ford switch (£20) on eBay. The lights and bezels are cheap enough as well. Some dude on the American site did all this and built his own loom but when all connected they did not work as the circuit was dead. He had to use a programmed obi 2 to turn it on. 

Again, any advice is much appreciated (and needed)


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well investigated, the loom is not there as such, but you should be able to get a second hand one off ebay, there is a large multiplug on the n/s by radiator that the loom connects to, and i think your right about enabling them with software, you should be able to do that with an elm cable and focuus software on a laptop.know a lad who has done it and will ask him tommorow,

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