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1.8tdci cuts out


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Hey guys have been having problems with my focus at the minute I'm getting fault code p0089 using forscan I am getting good fuel pressure at idle (40,000kpa approx) and revving but if I drive off and put the car under any load at all it dies out(350-400kpa), and shows engine system fault on the dash,  I have found if I use a vacuum pump at the return side of the pump I get air bubbles passing, but after a few mins of this it will start again, I have checked the fuel filter, and even replaced it with the seal, I pressure tested the housing under vacuum for leaks and appears to be OK, I then replaced the fuel regulator on the back of the pump, still no difference, I then opened the filter housing again the triple check the seal is good and tight and found metal swarf in the bottom of the housing, so I replaced the complete fuel pump as I had a spare good one, the car is still no different won't stay going after idling (sometimes idling for more than an hour before driving), not even 10yard and its dead, checked the pipe work around the engine bay for damage , none found. 

Someone has bound to have had this before 


Thanks in advance

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crank sensor loose or faulty. Other than that bad connection in footwell fuse box. fuel pumps on 1.8 are extremely rare.

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