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mars red paint


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Wondered if anybody has the same issue i have with 62 plate focus titanium auto. When i bought the car i failed to notice on the inside top edge of the hatch and a few other places as well that the Mars red paint has come away. An autopaint specialist told me the paint has failed to stick to the primer. Is this a particular problem for this colour? Other than that, pleased with the car

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Hi Milders,

I have the Mars Red paint on my focus which is roughly the same age as yours and have exactly the same problem. 

It looks like the paint has fell off the insides of the hatch and a couple of the inner door sills although its not really a problem and as you say I'm not sure if this is a particular issue with this colour. 

Rest of the car is great though. 

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Hi conizme, Thanks for the reply, i have also now found one or two other places including the bottom of the inner doors. I was wondering if you have or intend to get a repair, i was quoted £300 + vat from my local Dingmasters, now looking for somewhere a bit more affordable

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