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Hi, I own a Ford Focus 2008 1.6 Petrol - it MK 2.5 (one with the facelift).

So I recently had an issue with leaking power steering pipes - which I had to get fixed by a local mechanic.

Since then I noticed in third gear that the RPM needle would sometimes travel upward abit as if the power wasn't properly going to the wheels or if the clutch was slipping.

Then I was driving (admittedly in abit of a rush) and got into 2nd gear and put my foot down abit - at which point it felt like the clutch complete slipped and the engine RPM shot up without the car moving very much (As if my foot was still pushing the clutch pedal down).

As soon as this occurred the clutch pedal on the car started to feel spongy and lost the nice smooth travel it has before. It also now very difficult to drive the car because the clutch slips whenever I put down any significant power.

Now I have some slight suspicious about the work that was done when I got the power steering sorted but thats another issue.

Wondering if anyone had experienced the same thing. I've been told by the same mechanic that the clutch is gone and they are quoting me £375 including labour.

Also there seems to be no problem at all with putting the car into the gears - not sure if that helps understand what the issue might be!?

Look forward to the responses.



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Sounds indeed like the clutch is broken. The friction material can either be completely worn or contaminated with power steering fluid that leaked into the bell housing. In both cases the gearbox needs to be removed to inspect/replace the clutch assembly.


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looks like a coincidence to me, as the powetsteering pump and pipework is on the oppostite side to the gearbox/clutch

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had this on my mk2 it was the slave cylinder seal had gone contaminating the clutch with fluid you're brake fluid may be low you may also see traces of fluid coming out the bottom of the bell housing ss said gearbox needs to come out and a whom clutch kit done clutch pressure plate and slave cylinder

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