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Inlet manifold


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Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 2010 econetic

Turbo over-speed, caught early before detonation, had to convince turbo specialist it was broke as it was all intact and they never seen that before.

Going through all on engine before fitting re-manufactured turbo, problem with inlet manifold need advice on and maybe all take note.

The white flanged bits on the ends of the tubes of the inlet manifold are they an integral part of the manifold? or can you get them separate?

Ford dealer parts had no idea and only way to look at a new one was £185+vat special delivery non returnable!!!

Reason asking, took off inlet manifold and found most of these had separated, covered in oil and gunge, they look as though they are supposed to help

with the sealing of the manifold to the cam box cover but most were detached, regardless of o rings, could this create a lack of pressure and result in 

contributing to turbo over-speed, i suspect a sticky egr valve was main culprit, but i think this wouldn't have helped either.

If they are integral part of manifold then all of those on eBay being sold for lots of money are knackered too as they don't have all the whitey bits i am asking about, so perhaps they should not be selling them.

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