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Rear suspension bush perished mot advisory


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Just bought a 2011 tdci and it's had a new mot and has an advisory for rear link arm bushes deteriorated but no excessive movement. Is there anything to worry about?

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A word of warning.

Advisories aren't always right.

Some years ago I had an advisory for play in the track rod end. It had done 200,000 miles so not unexpected.

Went out and bought a new one then got the wheel off. Nothing, no play that I could find. Put the wheel back on again.

The car went to the scrap yard 4 years later with the track rod end in the glove box having passed 3 further MOT's without comment.

Get confirmation that your bushes are bad before you go any further.

If you go to a garage with an advisory they will happily replace a good part and take your money for doing so.






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the rear bush advisories are extremely common my mk1 had for 3 yrs before I had it had the same advisory and it took 3 years after I had it to need replaced looking at it myself there was nothing wrong with the bush ni movement no splits no cracks looked at a few with similar advisories and almost all are fine.strangely when a ford dealer did the mot and health check he found no issues either.

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