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Water From Exhaust?????


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Just a quick question probably nothing but I have noticed small drips of water/condensation from the tailpipe the last few mornings. I was thinking its probably just the condensation I the exhaust pipes itself maybe but thought I just ask to see if any one had this or similar. oil and water levels are all normal.



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4 minutes ago, stef123 said:

Perfectly normal, water is also a by product of burning hydrocarbons 

Thanks stefan. That puts my mind at rest lol!  Always nice to get a second opinion though, :smile:

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4 hours ago, stratoc said:

That's why short journey's kill exhausts, they don't dry out and leave condensation inside the pipe that rusts.

Never actually thought of it like that but that makes sense. I guess Its time for a few more regular long runs, roll on the summer lol!


Thanks fellas for all the input.

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