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ford focus tailgate gas strut upgrade


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hello all.

we have a 2006 focus hatchback and was wondering if its possible to upgrade to stronger tailgate lifters/struts. the rear tailgate is really heavy and you have to lift it nearly half way before the lifters take over. I have replaced the lifters with non oem ones and they are better than the originals as they were knackered and wouldn't even keep the tailgate open. my wife has a medical problem meaning she has very little strength in her arms and the tailgate is just to heavy for her.

was wondering if I could replace with stronger ones from a different vehicle?


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the problem with fitting struts with more oompff is that although lifting the boot will be easier , closing it again will require more force , which your wife could still struggle with.

new standard genuine ford focus struts should give the best weight balance between opening & closing the boot.

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