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coolant leak from new lower rad hose - Mk 1 focus


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Hi All

Newbie looking for some help with a mk 1 Ford Focus, had to replace the thermostat and lower hose (part number 1134560).

Everything worked ok but getting a very tiny leak on the bottom of the new hose, where its connected to the thermostat, the hose came from ford with pre-tensioned hose clips but it still drips out coolant - I even replace the tensioned clip with a hose clip but still getting small droplets. 

I then tried a gasket sealant on the edge but no good.  Can anyone help, other possible sealants to try ??

I've never had a continual leak - the hose isn't split in anyway but just leaks after the clip and where its meeting the thermostat housing pipe.

Many thanks


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