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Car wont start.


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8 minutes ago, nickws25 said:

52 plate 1.8 zetec.


Been left parked up for about a month never had issues with it starting before, All the interior electrics work, as do the lights and wipers there is over 1/2 a tank of fuel too.

If the battery's 'goosed' I believe a 'normal' charger won't charge a calcium battery properly and a calcium battery once flat is knackered anyway (it won't hold a charge anymore) so remember to purchase a calcium battery and not a lead acid one.

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20 minutes ago, stef123 said:

A standard charger will still charge a calcium battery.

as with any lead acid, calcium type battery they should never be stored for prolonged periods of time with a low charge in them. 

According to many sites standard chargers don't fully charge calcium batteries?

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They can charge at a higher voltage, probably because they can dissipate the heat to stop them gassing. 

Ive never had an issue getting a calcium battery to what is considered 100% charged voltage using a standard charger so I think it's probably a load of misguided rubbish lol. 

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