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Front wiper issue


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Hi all

Been on this site for ages but this is my first real post. I have a strange issue with my front wipers in that when I turn the ignition off, the front wipers activate for a split second.

I usually have the stalk in auto wipers so turned them off and it still does it. The problem doesn't happen all the time though.

When activating the wipers, the GEM clicks.

It has only started doing it since fitting a dashcam which is wired in using one of these (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Add-A-Circuit-Fuse-Tap-Piggy-Back-MICRO-Fuse-Holder-APS-ATT-mini-LOW-PROFILE-12v/32225438279.html) into a fuse port that was unused. The earth is connected to an earthing point behind the top of the glovebox.

I am going to disconnect the dashcam and see if that helps but if not, any ideas?

The car is a 2006 Focus ST3.

Thanks a lot


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