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How To Use a Touch Up Pen


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Recently got a quite a deep stone chip on my bonnet (black car so looked even worse) but the touch up guy said the area needed respraying and if I did nothing about it then it would go rusty so I took my car to the Ford bodyshop and they did it for me for £200 :whistling:!

At the weekend I stopped by Halfords and picked up a touch up pen set (primer, colour, lacquer) for only £10 and I wondered if there are any tips for using it? Obviously I'm not going to use it on every scratch I get but if I get another deepish one then I'll use it to take the edge off and protect against rust etc. 

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That was going to be my advice too, don't use the included brush, lol.

I usually use a cocktail stick for tiny stone chips.

I should just get some modelling brushes though, would make it easier.

I've got a stone chip on one of my alloys (the disadvantage of non silver alloys) to touch up when the paint arrives...

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Remember ONLY the chip needs FILLING and NOT the surrounding paintwork, I've seen no end of touched in bonnets which look like acne!!  I'd use a fine pointed cocktail stick and dip it lightly in the paint and just lightly 'touch' the chip - Allow it to dry - refill the chip again with more paint using a fresh cocktail stick - If lacquer is required then do the same procedure.

If the touched in paint is a little too high - Leave to harden for a day - Then skim off any such bump with a fine very sharp blade eg razor blade. 

Try not to touch up on a hot day, paint will go tacky & stringy 

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