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having recently purchased a used ford ka titanium 62 plate i am after some advice re auto start stop please. When i am waiting in traffic the message reads 'stop start unavailable'. I am aware certain conditions are required for the function to work and having read what they are in the handbook i have tried to ensure these  conditions are met (eg no AC on, wipers not on, engine right temp etc) but message still comes up and function does not work. Does this imply an underlying problem? Thanks.

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As above, if stop start can't work because the conditions aren't met it just won't stop. It'll idle ad usual with no dash lights etc until the conditions are met and it stops.

The only time I've ever had stop start say unavailable is when I stopped outside my unit, removed my seatbelt & opened my door. The car obviously knew I wasn't in the car and displayed a warning to switch off the ignition :)

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Auto stop start won’t work if battery charge is below 75 percent this happened to me and I went to my garage and they checked the battery condition, this was the first check recommended by ford. A new battery put things right. My old battery was 5years old so I was okay with that my auto stop starts is now working perfectly. If this happens to you you could always try charging your battery first.😎

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