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Focus estate 2005 1.6 TDCI whistle/humming


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Hi all so today I noticed an odd noise on my car. 

Its a kind of whistle/humming sound. Only hear it at just before 2000revs and slightly after any other revs don't here it at all.  

This noise happens both when in gear and driving and also when not in gear and stationary.

tried to have a listen in engine bay but hard to tell exactly where it is coming from but seems to be at the back of the engine. Kind of Infront the passenger if standing in front of the car around the fuel filter maybe  

anyway what are your thoughts my initial thought was turbo. 

Oh forgot to mention when I first heard it I thought that's odd and gave it welly down the bypass thought maybe would clear it but just got dumped into limp mode with the exclamation mark light on  



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Here is a video I just did to try and show the noise. You might need to turn volume up high but you can here it. Concerned if I keep driving the car I am going to make it worse or damage something. Wouldn't be so concerned if it had not dumped me into limp mode after putting my foot down. Driven it gently this morning to work and no limp mode still the noise though  


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