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Hi there.

I have a Focus Mk1 1.6. I've been thinking about changing the back box on it for a while but I don't know much about this.

Before I bought it someone already put an aftermarket one on it but it doesn't sound great at all, it's also blowing from a mid section of the pipe that's been bodged together. So if I buy a new back box would I need to get any more pipe for any repairs, or would there be sufficient amount?

Also I don't know what to get. I thought bout replacing the entire system but after looking on eBay at the cats it's confusing to say the least. My plan was to buy a new cat and a back box but some are really expensive and others that look the same are cheap, also doesn't the cat have to be verified or something?

I think I prefer aftermarket back box as long as it's not loud or expensive; basically a wider pipe that sounds ok. Any suggestions?

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