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HELP what is wrong????


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Hi All,

Not sure if anyone can help I have a 63 plate titanium X petrol, had two new front tyres fitted yesterday. Noticed that the steering wheel wasn't sitting straight but wheels were so took it to a specialist tracking place and they did some tests and realigned however, I still have the same problem. The steering wheel is sitting more over towards the right.

Also I have an issue with the fan cutting in, the other evening I drove 7 miles at about 21:30 so it was fairly cool yet my fan kicked in for a good 10 mins after the engine went off. This is happening frequently but ford keep telling me it's normal?????!!!

any help, advice or suggestions would be great



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19 minutes ago, iantt said:

better be a good ford garage, as from what i hear on this forum often is they are no better than quick fit ,

If it's my local ford garage that's absolutely true lol 

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