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Brake drums to discs


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Hey guys. 


I was was just wondering how much it would cost (parts) to get rid of my brake drums and get discs instead? How hard it is to change them?




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a whole load of work & parts 

the money would probably be better spent on upgrading the front discs and calipers seeing as they do 70% or so of the braking load anyway.

alot quicker and easier as well

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I have done a brake disc conversion in the past, not a complicated job. Doable in a few hours certainly. 

Cant remember what I spent but probably in the region of a couple hundred quid. 

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I retrofitted the original disc brakes on my previous Focus MK2. To do this you need the following parts:


* Rear Left brake caliper.

* Rear Right brake caliper.

* 2x Mounting bracket for the brake caliper.

* 4x Sliding pin.

* 2x Brake hose.

* 2x Protection plate.

* Handbrake cable kit.

* 2x Brake disc.

* Brake pad kit.

* 2x Brake pad retaining spring.

* 1 Liter of brake fluid.


Except for the brake calipers and mounting brackets I used used new original Ford (ATE) parts or where possible better quality aftermarket parts (Brembo discs for example). I bought a pair of used calipers and mounting brackets from a German scrap yard which I sandblasted and rebuilded completely using new seals, rubbers and pistons.

The complete rear disc brake retrofit costed me about €325,-. The rear drum to disc conversion is definetely worth the effort and money. It makes the car much more stable during braking at high speeds. Next to this the parking brake is also much stronger on the disc brakes.







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