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ticking noise when turning the key off NOT A HOT EXHAUST :)


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i was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue before.

after a journey lets say about 1-2 miles v short i know but im a lazy so and so

i have this clicking noise as if an actuator is trying to close

it does it 3-4 times then stops

i was wondering if this could be an issue later down the line

only when turning the key off

i do have some starting issues and have narrowed it down to ( i think ) the butterfly valve in the intake do you reckon it has something to do with this

2009 tdci 2.0l

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nice one thank you dee

i just never heard it before but thank you for the reply

i owned a 2001 306 and 2 weeks before my daughter was born BANG.. that's what prompted me to buy a proper car

now 2 weeks before my other daughter is born i am potentially having problems with starting again :wacko:

same hdi engine as the 306 but newer

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The newer the car the more noises they seem to make after you stop the engine.

Clicking, whirring, buzzing, lol.

I wouldn't worry too much unless it is especially loud.

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ecu popped it had no power going through the primary pump and even when we put a live to the pump it still would not start

i did have the belt snap on it 6 months before this issue and spent a good 400 putting it right i just didn't wanna spend that much money and time (which i didn't have) putting ecu into the car

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I have a 56 plate TDCI. It always tests the EGR valve on power down. I know this as I can monitor the EGR actuator position, and see the test. It ramps to part open, and this is where you can hear clicks, and a bit of buzzing if you listen under the bonnet, then it holds full open, then shuts and powers down the whole engine systems with another click.

Power down is the only time it can do this, as the test is too long to do on power up (driver expects immediate start unless engine is cold!), and it would upset the engine if done while running.

I fitted the monitor due to problems with the EGR actuator. It turned out to be bad connections in the actuator. There is a A PDF with photos & lots more info in my reply to topic:

Focus 2005 Mk2 1.8Tdci With Egr Valve Fault!





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My car sounds a little scary when I shut it down, click click click , Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (from the front of the engine) then a thumping great, "Thonk" that sounds like someone just twanged a metal rule, finally my DRLs cut off a few seconds later with a little "Ting"


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