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Bobby's Focus MK2 ST500

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Hi all, I though it was about time I give a build thread a try. Never done one before so thought why not. So back in February I managed to gets my hands on this Focus ST, Got it from a dealer 1 owner with around 67k on the clock. The reason I decided to go for it is the insurance decided to play nice even though I was 19 at the time and only had 2 years no claims.

First off here are some pictures from the dealer. It looked good but I wasn't feeling the tints or the alloys.



I had a set of 4 genuine ronal ST alloys that I was planning to put on my previous car but they were in need of a refurb. Managed to get the whole set power coated in silver for £160. 


After the wheels were sorted next up were those tints. When reversing out my drive at night I could hardly see through the back window which was annoying. Decided to get 35% tints on the rears looks good and I can now see out the rear window.  e3MWAyH.jpgYDdKRgG.jpg

I then decided to change a few things in the interior. First up was the gear knob was all scratched and was cutting my hand at times. I am assuming the previous owner wore rings anyway I managed to pick up a facelift gear knob and insert for around £20 


I also changed all the interior lights to led's and fit a dash cam. Typically on the Focus's the holders for the footwell lights are there just no bulbs in them that was the case with this. Not got any pictures of them at night. 


After a few things done in within the car I moved to the outside again this time with led number plates bulbs. I have now changed these to the full units but only have pictures of the bulbs at the time being. Also changed my sidelights to led's I have left the dip beam alone for now as it has 4300k osram bulbs will be replacing them with 5000k bulbs once they go. 


Bought myself some black/chrome gel badges aswell for the outside and a black and red one for the interior I feel it matches better with the red leather interior. Can't fault the quality of them. A simple touch but for me makes all the difference. 


The car was also treated to some bridgestone rubber all round. Had a flat tyre one morning and decided to get rid of the mix and match budgets that were on it. Also with having the flat I found my tyre infiltrator that came with the car didn't work so bought another from Halfords using my 15% discount. 


With driving the car for a little bit now the sound was starting to bug me it was ok but I wanted it too be a little louder. So I bought myself a de-res pipe and fitted it. What a sound difference it makes. Little sound clip here (sounds way better in person) - Ford Focus ST MK2 De-Res


This is all that has been done so far this is how the car sits currently. My next plan is to de-tango all the lights bulbs expect the front because of  the amber strip built into the headlight. Also thinking of painting the plastics satin black to blend. Plus paint the calipers silver to make them look fresh. As far as performance mods go I don't have much planned currently as my insurance isn't too fond of them. 


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5 minutes ago, Dan P said:

Nice motor. Can't believe you got one at 19 - my former self would be very jealous!

Thanks, I am very happy especially at my age now 20 haha, My insurance were wanting the about the same for a 1.8 focus plus I got a wage rise at work so couldn't help myself.

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