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Heat management solutions - Fast Fox Performance

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Fast Fox Performance is an online store that deals with heat management for the automotive industry.
We sell exhaust wraps, heat shields and ceramic coatings from Performance 1 Coatings and Zircotec.

Our range of products start at the bargain exhaust wraps you can get for only £10.
For the enthusiast user, we offer the DEI exhaust wraps that, have a good quality and a silicone finish, for only £50.

If you’re looking to isolate the heat on some parts of your motorcycle, you can use ZircoFlex heat shields.
Available in three layers, they will prevent the heat from coming to the seats or protecting the electrical parts of your bike from the heat generated by the engine.

We have a wide range of ceramic coatings available.
Performance 1 Coatings offers a polymer ceramic coating and are available in several colours.
Their offers are divided between the Standard range (suitable up to 650°C and available in Satin Black, Brushed Silver, Gold, Deep Black, Titanium and Tunsgten Grey); Volcanic range (suitable for Motorsports and up to 1,050°C, available in Volcanic Black and Volcanic Silver), and; Vibrant Colours range (suitable up to 425°C, and available in Vibrant Red, Vivid Purple, Racing Green, Striking Orange, Electric Blue and Luminous Yellow).

Zircotec’s coatings offer a thermal barrier that reduces the surface temperatures of your exhaust system.
The benefits include a robust fit-and-forget coating - It is in effect "welded" to the substrate using a proprietary metal bond system; eliminating the need for exhaust wrap; protecting against corrosion; and so continuing to perform and look good.  Ultra-high level of thermal performance - this ceramic coating is suitable for applications of up to 900oC. Significantly lower exhaust temperatures - temperatures on the surface of the exhaust reduced by a massive ~25/33% (depending on the coating). These coatings are only applied to the external surfaces of the exhaust system and are covered for 1-- year guarantee for normal road use.


Suitable up to

Heat reduction

Colours available

Advised for:

Primary Black™



Solid Black

Road use only

Performance White™ range



White only

Can be used in Races/Track

Performance Colours™ range



14 colours to choose from

Can be used in Races/Track

Fast Fox Limited provides free standard shipping (and collection in the case of Zircotec coatings) on all orders over £100 and being shipped to standard UK mainland addresses.

If you have a different car and would like to get a quote, just contact us at customer_service@fastfoxperformance.com.

Kindest regards,
Fast Fox Team


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