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Coolant level varies - help

leaky econectic

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Hi - looking for some advice/help.

I have a 08 diesel focus which I bought seven months ago. It has 130000 miles on clock.

A few months ago (at around 123000) I noticed coolant level was low so I topped up and got a pressure test done during at the next service - one of the hoses was replaced.

I kept an eye on it and the problem continued so the garage carried out a 5 hour pressure test and could only suggest that the water pump which was replaced before I bought it was leaking but no hard evidence. They suggested problem only manifests at motorway speed. They could not find any signs to support head gasket failure. I brought the car to another garage to check and they could not find any sign of leaks. Both are reputable garages.

After becoming paranoid I have been checking regularly and I notice that the coolant level can be intermittant. I always check when cold first thing in the morning for consistency. The coolant level is usually half way down expansion tank and upon opening cap and releasing pressure it will come up to minimum mark. Sometimes it does not and I top up. It seems to vary. It could settle below the min level one day; I don't top up and then it settles at the minimum the next. Other times it will require a significant amount of coolant to bring to min and could be fine for days. The coolant gauge never goes above 90. 

I understand that this is a closed pressurized system and therefore cannot dump the excess coolant. But the coolant is going somewhere. I have added about 6 litres since first noticing problem 7000 miles ago.

I have thought about not topping up and checking whether the expansion tank ever completely empties but I am afraid not to top up in case I do any damage.

Does anyone have any advice or insight on this? I don't mind spending money to get a fix but no one can diagnose the problem.





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