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Rear brake conversion kit


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As far as I know there are no suppliers that offer a complete kit to retrofit rear disc brakes on a Focus MK2/MK2.5. To retrofit the rear disc brakes you need the following parts:


* Rear Left brake caliper.

* Rear Right brake caliper.

* 2x Mounting bracket for the brake caliper.

* 4x Sliding pin.

* 2x Brake hose.

* 2x Protection plate.

* Handbrake cable kit.

* 2x Brake disc.

* Brake pad kit.

* 2x Brake pad retaining spring.

* 1 Liter of brake fluid.


Except for the brake calipers and mounting brackets I used used new original Ford (ATE) parts or where possible better quality aftermarket parts (Brembo discs for example). Because a new pair of good quality rear brake calipers are pretty expensive I bought a pair of original used calipers and mounting brackets from a German scrap yard (all German Focus MK2/MK2.5 versions have rear disc brakes as standard) which I sandblasted and rebuilded completely using new seals, rubbers and pistons.

The complete rear disc brake retrofit costed me about €325,-.

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if you search for estate versions of the focus you will find they tend to have rear discs, that's how I got mine, remember the caliper mount bracket is different depending which size discs you install as well,

well worth the upgrade

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I've been looking online but can't seem to find everything I need. Is anyone able to find me the cheapest parts possible that I can use? In the uk

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This was my working list of parts, Most of these links no longer work, but it will give you an idea, ive also attached the fantastic guide written by our very own Wilco @JW1982
Most of this can easily be found by searching in ebay or on google
carriers (my callipers came with carriers but they were for the 280mm version, you need the smaller carrier)
seals and nipples (I brought used callipers so replaced all the seals and nipples to be sure I wouldn't have problems)
brake fluid, copper grease,  brake cleaner
protection plates 1233491
4 x m10 x 25mm 10.9 1471746 1382642  ++++ 65p

Drum brake to Disc brake conversion.pdf

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