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Driving position / speedo


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So I've had my

mk3 focus zetec

s for a few days

now and loving

it.  Only thing I've

noticed is the

speedo cluster is

hard to see all

the numbers.

What I mean is    

10 20 30 is all

fine but as the

needle gets

round to 50 60 it

goes out of my

eyeline because

the surround

blocks my

eyeline.   I have

the seat all the

way down.  

Can't really put

the seat in any

other position to

see it.  

Not a major

problem but

surely that's not

right.   Doesn't

look like the

clusters been out

before. So it

looks like it's sat

right in the car.

Anyone else

have this


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How tall are you? I'm 6ft 3in and I can see the dials fine.can you take a photo at eye line so we can see?


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Yeah I will do tommorow. Had a few cans now and I'm watching the football.


I'm 5 ft 11.   Yeah it seems strange.


 It's going back to ford next week because there going to repair two stone chips on the bumper and get a new rear ford badge as original is discoloured.  Free.


Going to see if I can sit in another one in the mean time just to compare 



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