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Steering Stalk Controls for Sony MEX-N5100BT


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I recently purchased a new stereo for my wife for her MK1 Focus.

I purchased both the Autoleads PC99-X07 (Harness and Steering Stalk Control Adaptor), as well as PC99-SON (Sony patch lead) and installed with no problems except that I have no control from the standard focus stalk controller. I have double checked all of my connections and everything is where they are supposed to be, I know that there are some settings on the stereo for steering controls but I am unsure if I have to set this and whether the focus would actually recognise any settings, I did try setting the controls to auto but it just shut down the head unit and I had to reset it.

If anyone else has had similar issues or can advise, that would be great.

Many thanks


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Update from my original post, I can confirm that I have checked all connections and they are all fine and correct, I have even tried using the 'Register' feature on the Sony head unit in an attempt to try and make the both the head unit and stalk controls communicate, but the Sony keeps saying 'Timedout'.

Hope some can help or advise.......


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Try disconnecting the radio and control module to reset the system then connect the radio first, power it up and then connect the control module.

Sometimes the module won't be recognised if the radio is not powered up first.

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