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Can anyone help me?  I have a Ford Puma 1.7 Zetec year 2000.

Left front brake got very hot and loads of brake pad smell and smoke so was advised by friends it was most likely the pistons in caliper sticking. Had the caliper changed but then went to bleed it and no fluid coming from nipple.  Took it to a garage for a pressure bleed and they still could not bleed it. They advise master cylinder working and is pumping to all three other brake nipples except for the front left. Has ABS but no ABS warning light coming on. Without engine running we could get the brake pedal to become quite firm but as soon as engine on went all floppy again. Mechanic is at a loss and also the mechanics in the firm I work for are unsure what the problem is.  One thing of interest, when caliper originally taken off brake fluid shot out as if under pressure even though the brake pedal was not depressed and car was turned off. I am aware that sequence is diagonal   -   wondering  if mechanic should have bled right back brake first and the the left front even though he was only changing front left caliper and whether this would have caused this problem?  Anyone any ideas?  Utterly stumped. I can't afford a new car and love my little Puma :(


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Did he check fluid was coming out the flexible brake pipe connected to the Caliper? That would at least tell you the pipe to the Caliper is ok so it must be something on the Caliper side that's amiss.

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