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My Sierra Sapphire 2000e

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Hi Everyone,


First thread on the forum! thought I would show some pics of my 2000e Ford Sierra. 

Had been on the lookout for a clean sierra for a while here in Ireland but nothing was really catching my eye for the money over here - so I decided to broaden my search

Bought the car based on pictures, wouldn't normally do this but knew from the pictures and speaking to the owner it was exactly what I was looking for! So hopped on a plane and went to collect the car July 2015. Was a great drive home, weather was great which added to the fun!


Drove from Kent -> Holyhead, then took the ferry to Dublin, Then drove from Dublin to Co.Antrim. All in all was on the go for about 22 hours, but was worth it!


 The car came in very good condition and had clearly been well looked after - I had an image of what I wanted it to end up like in my head so immediately took in to some changes. 


The picture below is not how I got the car, but show it a few years ago, simply to highlight the changes it has underwent;



Here is a pic not long after I got the car, already made a few changes to it when this was took:





Since getting the car I have made the following changes:


Coilovers and springs

Uprated Shocks

Powerflow Backbox and 3inch rolled tip

Diff Shimmed

Ford Mudflaps

Amber side repeaters

Amber side lights

Cosworth Bumper

Cosworth 4x4 vented Bonnet

Metro Plates

Removed HID lights for standard bulbs

Lowered too much so raised up slightly to level out


Probably forgot some silly bits but thats the bulk. 

Work in progress:



This is how the car sits now, very close to the image I had when I bought it:




Below the car is extremely solid, has had some work done in the past but had no detail spared:



Will dig out a few more pics but thats the overview


C&C welcome!


Thanks for reading!

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The car hasn't seen daylight since the Donegal Rally last month - Took it out for a quick snap last night, really need to get it MOTd, starting to miss driving it!


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