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What size tyres


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Might seem a daft question to some but am looking to replace all 4 tyres on my mk3 Mondeo edge. The handbook and all websites state 205/55/16 as being the correct size.  Now checking the car it has 215/55/16 fitted at present. Want to fit the correct size can anybody advise the correct size and also if 205 s would fit on the same rims. Tia

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basically, the width can be tolerant to a few mm's. so for example, the car may be 205/55/r16, but you can still put a 215 or at a push 225 on there, though I would not recommend the latter.

They will fit, and they will seal the same, they will also give you a little more grip, as that is only the width of the tyre. If however, you use too large a tyre (say anything beyond 225) you then destabilise the tyre and are more prone to blowouts. I have seen a few cars do this recently, as they thought it would be better for handling...

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I'd go back to 205 tyres, I replaced all my 215/55/16's on my focus back in September & remember there was a fair difference in price (more expensive) compared to 205/55/16.

Also found that more options in brand with 205 opposed to 215.

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