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New Focus owner, bonnet lock/starter isuues, help please!


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Hi Chaps,

Hi guys.


I bought a Focus 52 plate 1.8tdci on Wedsfor cheap and drove 20 m from the sellers house parked up in a pub car park had a drink then tried to restart it and the starter motor just whirred and didn't crank the engine. So gutted! Called the RAC bloke out who bumped starterd me and said fit a new starter. I thought solenoid perhaps. Anyway I parked it at local garage ordered a used starter online and went to the garage the next who asked me to move it as they don't fit supplied parts, arggh! Next day I cycled past it and turned it over and it started! It has started ever since. So intermittent problem. Do you think I should go ahead and get the new starter fitted or risk it?


Second issue is the inane bonnet lock won't open. It has twice but I've tried dozens of times. The rightward click doesn't happen. I've read a few online solutions but wondered if any of you peeps have any pointers?


Thanks awfully Earthling's, I'm grateful.






Would these help! Any takers?

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Hi and welcome. I'm no expert so I'd get a mobile auto electrician out to test the old starter and fit the new if necessary. A chap around here charges £45 call-out which includes the first hour labour. And no VAT. Nor is he stuffy about fitting bought-in parts. I would expect that his rates are fairly standard.

Re the bonnet, one of those parts may help, it depends on why it's difficult to open. Once you get it open work the lock and watch what's happening. Lube liberally. Until it's open you can't fit a new part anyway...

Live long and prosper

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Thank you for the kind reply. I have an appointment with the mechanic Tuesday. He's really good and honest. Going to have a go at the bonnet now with a long screwdriver!


Thanks trailer trash, dig the name!😀😀😀😀😀

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