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2010 Numberplate and light board wirring

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Evening fellow Ford owners.

Sorry big noob when it comes to alot of car stuff but I am looking to get a boot mounted bike carrier and it has occurred to me I am going to need a numberplate / light board mounted on the rear most bike as they will be obstructed but I have no clue as to how these are wired up or if I even have what is needed to wire them up?

I have a 2010 Ford S-Max Titanium - It DOES NOT have a tow bar.

Does anyone know if what I want is possible and any advice on how its done / tips etc I would greatly appreciate it.



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you have a few options, the first involves getting a towbar fitted, so you can have the extra electrics.... a bit boring for a one off though really!


The second involves wiring it up yourself, which is not as scary as it sounds.You can basically use something like the "POSI-TAP" or similar products to create a removeable yet secure connection to each of the wiring lines in the boot, that can then be run to the lightboard and to the appropriate wire.


Only active when those lights are on, and would only cost you for a large packet of POSITAP's or similar products, and a little bit of wire if you dont have any already

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