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Help please on my 2011 1.6 diesel focus


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Hi there,

looking for help on my focus. 2 things really. 

It suffers from a lumpy idle when cold. 

but worringly the power from the dash, lights every thing now and again goes off. Can't indicate. No brake light nothing. Does it for about a minute then all comes back on again. Any ideas guys? Done it 4 times in a year.

did have all new injectors recently and didn't stop the lumpy idle. 

Thank you all very much in advance 


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Can't help on the Electrical issues but the rough idle my be down to needing to change the fuel or air filters.

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Check the fuel filter flow and return are on the right way,  it still runs when on wrong,idles lumpy though garages just swap the filter and replace the pipes as they came off.. Would just check the fuse box in passenger footwell they get kicked by passengers, take out connectors and spray with electrical spray (not wd39) probably something else though.

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I had a dirty MAF sensor which caused a lumpy idle.  take off the airbox, remove the sensor then clean it with some electrical contact leaner.

As for electrics, have you got an ELM327 device for reading DTCs?


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