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tdci stevie

Stll got hunting problems with me TDCi

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My advise get shut the 103bhp engines are crap and wunt pull you outa bed on a morning :) go for the beefier 130bhp zetec s or even better the 150 st.

Sorry my spelling mistake is a 130 Bhp Ghia 2.0 96w TDCi

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Sorry my spelling mistake is a 130 Bhp Ghia 2.0 96w TDCi

the reason the idle drops to 700rpm is that that is how ford designed it to give out low emissions when idling therefore when the ecu senses that you are standing still the ecu hunts for the lowest possible rpm to reduce emissions the system can detect you slowing down from all the sensors then whern you stoip it reduces rpm accordingly the longer you sit there the more it will try to reduce the emissions ie lower the rpm

its not uncommon in fact the majority of cars out now do exactly the same its all about emissions which manufacturers rate higher now than driveability they say that the lumpiness and hunting as you call it is worth it to reduce the emissions, they have to get it within a certain criteria nowadays its not hunting really basically the ecu sensors and idle control are all working together to get the rpm as low as possible since an engine never runs smoothly ie the air doesnt take a smooth path to the engine it varies the hunting you get is when the air is varying and the ecu has to keep making constant calculations to reduce the emissions through the rpm so it will basically bounce up and down as the air varies the split meant that there was unfiltered air that wasnt being read by any sensors getting into the engine therefore the ecu couldnt get the revs to drop low as it doesnt know where the air is coming from none of its sensors are registering it effectively it was infecting the system and as we know unfiltered air isnt good for any engine.

theres debate as to wether the egr blank off causes any damage or not oin the vws it was common to do it yet many reverted back to the originaol set up after running issues and on the vw it would set off the emission light so every mot it had to be put back to standard.blanking off the egr will not adjust the hunting feeling you get there will be no unmetered air getting into the system so the rpm will do what it was designed to do with the ecu and sensors and look for the lowest emissions

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