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Zetec S Trim is Dead, ST-Line is the future

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I have the Zetec S and its amazing to me for a little 1 litre Ecoboost, but people are right, as much as I love my car, it doesn't deserve the ST badge on it cause it's simply not beasty enough. I felt a bit poorly reading about the new ST-Line to be fair, and whoever did the wing badges obviously failed to look at the spacing between 'L' and 'ine' (might just be me, ha ocd) but its looks like an amateur has positioned and created that badge.

ST is hopefully next on my list should I be able to afford the jump, and if they bring out anything that resembles an fiesta RS in the meantime, well I will chew their hands off!

I really love having my Zetec S, the upgrade of the Zetec but you won't find me parading around in an ST-Line, essentially the downgrade of the ST :((

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Just got a new ST-line a few days ago and its great. Doesn't have all the sound of an ST and isnt as fast but definitively worth saving 2K on insurance with it being my second car. The MPG is very good and cant complain about the ride. It is a step up from the standard fiestas (I previously had a 2014 Zetec 1.5 TDCI). No clue why they re named the S to the ST-line especially when they bring out the red and black editions that have more horses someone at ford needs sacking 

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I know this is old but doesn't the st-line start at 99bhp and the older zetec s start at 123bhp? I had titanium with sports kit added which was 99bhp, which was stolen, so bought zetec s after which has 123bhp. Can't fault zetec s feel the power difference which pull much more and pisses all over many car in 4th on A roads like they ain't even there 


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