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wheel alignment


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I need wheel alignment on the front as the passenger side wheel is wearing on the inside. I priced ford and they said £45 for the front and £75 for the front +the rear. 

I got the 4 done last time at local tyre place for £40 all in but even thought they had a new 4 wheel alignment machine I don't think they did it correctly as the wear seemed to get faster this time. Although my local roads are very bad with pot holes and the general condition even though recently they have foxed some its still not the best.

 Another local place offers just front wheel laser alignment with mirrors or something for anything from £12 to £25 depending on how bad its out, I used to get my old fords done at this place and I guess a lot of people still do with modern cars as well or they would not be doing business but wanted advice here to see what you guys thought. and also is there anyway to know of you need all 4  done or just the front?

I would of thought that ford would of just offered 4 wheel alignment and not just the front separate if the rears really needed done all the time but I guess the front is the ones that mostly need it. Don't know what to do but I will have to replace the p/s tyre soon so plan on getting this done when I do that , at the moment I should get a few more weeks from it so its all decisions lol!

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I'm almost certain the rear wasn't adjusted for £40 all in, 4 wheel alignment probably just meant they checked all 4 and only adjusted the front.  Front is usually £30-£40 and rear is always more.

They will check all 4 wheels and report back.  That is when you know if only the fronts need doing (they always will, kerbs, potholes, parts changed etc) or if the rears are far enough out of tolerance to need doing as well.  Be aware that while adjusting the rears it's not uncommon to snap the bolts so I would think twice before having it done.  Ford should know how to fix it and try to avoid it but an indy probably won't.


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Just an update here I went to my local TRUST FORD and got my 4 wheel Alignement done. Front was out a good bit as well as rear driver side, so all in all £65 all in and car is handling back to the way the focus should,... spot on. So i am a happy bunny and think that ford do a better job at the alignment that independent tyre fitters, Also they give a free alignment check before hand so if it wont cost if no adjustment is needed. 


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