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1.6 tdci engine noise ??


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Well i've just about had it with this car. Nothing but bad news and a never ending pit to throw money into.

I ended up having to get the engine replaced too.. knocking noise was the "big end" (after several hundreds of pounds spent on strip down and replacing risers and flush and all that stuff).. Then with replacement Engine, the car would go into limp mode and fault readers bitched about dpf. tried 3 or 4 regens, making sure fluid topped up, no difference. already spent near 2k on car at this point so didnt want a new dpf as well so i then had it removed (hollowed out) and remapped...

Net result, replaced engine, no dpf, car drives fine except for the following

1. Fair bit of (kinda blue) smoke under acceleration (light or heavy)
2. Driving along, flashed my lights at someone, got a beep off the dashboard and a warning that the bonnet was open..
3. Parked up, locked up, alarm set, outside my house. Go in house... 20 minutes, alarm on car goes off and wont turn off by the fob (i can see the car out the window, there was nothing anywhere near it. It turned itself off. an hour later.. same again.. alarm going off for about 20 seconds.

Absolutely fed up. Called garage, they say there is no way the remap could of been wrong / not taken right because if it did, there would still be a fault on dash / limp home mode. I dont think this is true though... surely you can remove reference to the DPF but also feck something else up in the process?

Lastly, the car has been sat since mid june... which used intermittently in limp mode (in emergencies) etc, which probably what finally killed DPF (no regen going on) so now i'm wondering if EGR is now gone as well :(

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Sounds like there's a wiring fault to the bonnet open switch.

Number 2 thinks your bonnets open.  Number 3, I'll bet you the alarm was going off because it thinks the bonnets open.

Possibly an earth fault as a light flash triggered the first one?

The smoke is probably caused by a poor map, I assume it was a cheap generic one?

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