Powertrain warning light with no error code.

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I've got a Ranger 2.2 Ltd that I've had for 6 months from new, it has relatively poor fuel economy, the engine warning light has come on once, and the powertrain warning light has come on at least 4 times accompanied by a loss of power. There is also a faint smell of burning and the car is covered in tiny spots of rust that wash off, it's like something is grinding and the filings are landing on the car.

I took it to the dealer today and the best they can come up with is the rear wheel arch liner is wrong and needs changing. Apparently no faults have been recorded in the computer. They couldn't really understand why I wasn't happy with that as a solution.

Anyone got any ideas whats going on?

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Won't that still be under warranty?

I can offer advice on diy diagnostics, I & others have put plenty of posts in about that. There really should be some codes buried in there somewhere, with those lights on. But a basic OBD2 reader can not read all codes.

But Ford dealers (aka Fraud Stealers) can use diy diagnostics as an excuse to wriggle out of warranty work.sad.png


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