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Ford focus Boot dog guard


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Hi Everyone, 

I've been given a boot dog guard from a friend of a friend and don't have any information regarding it.

I was told it was out of a focus and only fits a focus other than that I have no other information. I have made one attempt to install but got stuck. 

If anyone can give me any more information or maybe confirm wether or not it will fit my focus (2007 mk2 hatchback ) then that would be great. 


Thanks Matt.  


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That's an estate version so may cause you problems due to the height of the roof at the tailgate.

It may fit if you remove the top mounting brackets and cable tie the middle brackets to the loops the rear seats lock in to.

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Thank you.

It was given to me so as they say "the best things in life are free" 

If I could use it then that would be great, if not then no loss to me. You don't happen to have a link to an image where one is fitted to give me a general idea.  

Thanks Matt 

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the dog guard in the picture isnt for a mk2 focus as its nothing like the one i have fitted in the back of my car - maybe a mk1 ?

secondly , the unit splits into 2 sections , an upper & lower grill , and you dont need to use the lower section if you dont transport dogs with the back seats down -       ( ford actually sell the sections seperately )

and there will be anchor points hidden under the boot carpet for fixing in place

edit ; lovely pooch you got there  :-D

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