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Throttle pedal stuck open while driving.


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I am a newish member and this first post.

Had my current Focus ( Reg September 2010) Titanium automatic  since beginning of May

While driving my accelerator jammed open while driving. I managed to overcome by hitting brakes hard. Is this a know issue?

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11 hours ago, rijost said:

accelerator jammed open while driving. I managed to overcome by hitting brakes hard

That is a rather serious problem that needs urgent attention. You did not say if diesel or petrol, diesel is possibly worse.

First check for mechanical problems: Car mats, free movement of pedal.

Electrically, this should not happen, and I have not heard of major throttle sensor problems. It will be a dual redundant sensor with continuous monitoring, and is a safety critical part. Sometimes small errors that just affect the idle may get through, but not enough to make the car hard to stop. I take it no warning lights appeared?

I would advise getting this fixed before using the car on the road again! If under warranty, take it back, or ideally, get them to collect it.

On a lighter note, I had a Hillman Imp, where the throttle link could fall off the carb, and it then was biased to open fully! Did this several times. But on a Hillman Imp with its 850cc engine and 0-60 time probably measured in minutes (or hours uphill), it was not too serous! Just one more of its little(?) foibles.

A modern 1.6l Focus is a different matter!



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Thanks for response. The engine is petrol and the car is going in for a check tomorrow. After the incident I continue to drive ( had no choice) without incident, but wary of issue. I have heard this problem occurring, but rarely, on London taxis. 

I remember the Imp well, but never owned one.


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