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Ford engine bay heat

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Hello everyone,

He have had some enquiries regarding our ceramic coatings specially on the Focus RS, but also on other models.

Our offerings range in two different companies and two different purposes.

Performance 1 Coatings offers a polymer ceramic coating, which can act as a thermal barrier and improve the car's look.
External testing results have shown a temperature surface reduction of 12-15%.
(For more information on P1C coatings, you can read their FAQs here: http://www.performance1coatings.com/exhaust-ceramic-coatings-faqs)

On the other hand, Zircotec's ceramic coatings are the pinnacle of thermal barrier coatings.
Their Performance range can reduce the surface temperature up to 33%.
They're used on Formula 1 and NASCAR, along with other Motorsports teams.
(More information available here: http://www.zircotec.com/page/frequent_questions/5)

Besides our competitive prices, we also offer Shipping on Orders above £100.
Fast Fox Limited provides free standard shipping (and collection in the case of Zircotec coatings) on all orders over £100 and being shipped to standard UK mainland addresses. We are sadly unable to provide this offer to areas of the UK Highlands and Islands including Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Sicilly Isles and Nothern Ireland due to restrictions by UK couriers.

For any other information, contact us on  01865 600010 or e-mail us on Customer_Service@fastfoxperformance.com

The Fast Fox Team

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