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Exhasut manifold temperature variation - hesitation on accelleration


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MK1 1.6 petrol Focus 03 -  I'm suffering hesitation on accelleration under 1500 rpm, especially under load like when I'm in a high gear. I had noticed that the plug had come off the cylinder head temperature sensor so popped that back on but it changed nothing, I renewed the sensor and the fuel filter which was pretty clogged but still had the problem. I was measuring exhaust manifold temperatures as I believe that can indicate injector problems and there's some variation but I don't know if it's within normal tolerances.


Temps were as below after 10 mins at idle, they fluctuated a bit obviously but the differences between them were pretty constant.


Cyl 01 - 276 oC

Cyl 02 - 237 oC

Cyl 03 - 225 oC

Cyl 04 - 239 oC


Is this normal or should I pull the injectors and have a look? I took the plugs out and cylinders 1 and 3 were fine 2 and 4 looked a bit lean.

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