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Focus MK2 1.6 Petrol fuel issues


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Hey all first post so be gentle ;)

I recently bought a 2005 Focus MK2 1.6 (110) and I don't feel I'm getting as much MPG as I should. At the minute I am averaging 27 with a lot of town driving and a little bit of motorway driving. Now don't get me wrong I'm not the most sensible driver but I still feel I should be getting a little better fuel economy.

The engine management light came on a few weeks back and I lost a bit of power in the car. I took it to my loacl garage and they diagnosed it as a MAF sensor error as there were 6 codes all related. P0102 (Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Low Input) was the main code. I replaced the MAF sensor with a working one from a breakers yard and the light has not come back on, but when I bought the car I got 450 miles out of a full tank where as now I struggle to get 350.

I was wondering if there's anything you guys know of that could be causing the problem (if there is one).

Any help would be appreciated.


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I'd start with the simple things like air filter and plugs. Current Ford specs advise 1.2mm gap. Examining the plugs may also give you a clue to under/over fuelling.

I have the same engine (100) in a 2.5 and get 35mpg with mostly local (country) driving. That is as displayed on the dash, I haven't done a full-to-full check. One of those things I keep meaning to do...

Good luck

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I have been meaning to do  a full-to-full check myself but my Dash Average Mpg reads 35 around town and on short to long journeys it goes from 42 to 50 that's staying about 2250rpm and about 50 or 55 mph.

I always reset the Average MPG function at the start of each journey to see what it does, but I try to keep all tyre pressures and engine in good form and every month I blow out the air filter with compressed air in between services I also use some fuel additive (Redex) once every 4 months just to keep the fuel pump + system and injectors in good form


I don't know if this helps at all but I;m happy enough with it and don't think I can do much better with it to be honest. But Good servicing and a well maintained car combined with sense able-ish driving should get the best mpg from any car but its hard sometimes due to stuff like traffic condition, hills and weather conditions ect. 

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